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Our Birthday Present to You: A New Routine

TURNING 30 IS BIG. We’re celebrating the best way we know how: by getting a pump in. We’ve partnered with Crunch gyms to develop a special class available at select locations across the country. It’s ten different rounds of three different moves in 30 minutes. (See a few sample moves above.) 30 in 30. Get it? Fitness director Ebenezer Samuel and New York reader Seth Plattner took the routine for a test drive.

EB: Favorite move: Lunge to front raise. “It smokes your shoulders.” Toughest move: Squat to curl to press. “You need to take your time on the squats, which will wipe you out.”

SETH: Favorite move: Deadlift to row. Toughest move: High-knee run. “It’s hard to keep them up for a full minute.”


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