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The Therapy Puzzle

LET’S START WITH WHAT THERAPY is not. It’s not something to feel weird about. Millions of people do it for reasons as serious as having suicidal thoughts and as non-serious as wanting to be a little less grumpy around the holidays. The era when therapy carried any kind of major stigma started to end when Tony sat down with Dr. Melfi. So let’s move on to what it is: It’s a space to talk to a professional listener about whatever you want. It’s confidential. It takes place behind closed doors with a licensed expert. Which makes it seem sort of mysterious. Until you get started. This is how.



1. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

Of course there isn’t. While they can be distressing and debilitating, there’s nothing wrong with having bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or anger issues, or just generally not having your shit together. It’s all

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