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Why You Do It

“The common perception is that babies are like vegetables,” says Roberta Golinkoff, Ph.D., author of It’s easy to think that they won’t

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Doctor C and the Secret Shame
FOR YEARS, WHENEVER Alan Ash would take off his shirt in his own home, he’d first make sure the blinds were closed. If they weren’t completely shut—if even a sliver of light could creep into the house—he’d tug them down the rest of the way. Alan, who
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Lose Weight Now!
Iťs10:30am on Monday and the ItÕs temptations are everywhere. How do I stop myself? I have several sweet, bad things showing-up at my desk. I could give into the temptation at any second. Lunches usually mean me just staring and wanting to devour jus
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Active Style : Elevated
About the guy: Ryan Klarenbach (@rynosaurusflex) has 319,000 followers and a feed full of bodyweight acrobatics in and out of the gym. His favorite exercise? “Lateral boxjump burpees. It’s a fullbody workout that leaves me gasping for air and works m