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September Game Plan


Saturday, 9/1

After a four-year hiatus, the Irish are resuming their rivalry with the Michigan Wolverines—reigniting the fight for smug superiority. Love ’em or hate ’em,

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The Beauty of Bailing
TO ALL THE PEOPLE who’ve ever canceled on me at the last minute … thank you from the bottom of my soul. We’ve had a lunch on the books for weeks and you email me an hour before and say, “Hey, I’m really sorry, but…”? Well, I’m spinning around in my o
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IT’S FUN TO MAKE FUN of Robbie Tripp, who in July 2017 became the target of a lotof people’s negativity when he posted a picture of himself and his wife, Sarah, on Instagram. “I love this woman and her curvy body,” he wrote in the caption. Tripp had
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Family Jewels
MY SON, THEO, is 19 months old, and he has discovered his penis. I’ll place Theo on the changing table, then remove his diaper, and his hands will immediately plummet to his nether regions, where he will poke, prod, and pull with wonderment and glee.