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Break Of Brawn
Do each move for 20 seconds. Do 3 rounds. 1) PUSHUP Start in pushup position. Lower your chest until it’s an inch off the floor. Push back up. 2) V-UP Lie on your back, legs straight and arms extended overhead. Raise your legs as high as possible; si
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Meet The "Meat"
HOW MUCH longer do we have to keep all this fake meat in the fridge?” my wife yells from the kitchen. Over the past few days, I have stockpiled a hunk of Impossible Foods ground beef the size of a mailbox, six packages of Beyond Meat burger patties,
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Be Hold The Muscle-building, Disease-deterring, Satisfaction-inducing Power Of Plants!
SOMETHING AWESOME IS HAPPENING. It’s in the world of macronutrients, but still. Let’s back up a second: In the 1980s and ’90s, nutrition researchers labeled anything that didn’t once have hooves, feet, or fins as an “incomplete” protein that didn’t h