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Can You Read Me Now?
SEVERAL YEARS AGO, while I was doing final sweeps through a book I’d just written, I began to notice that my eyes were having a hard time speeding through the manuscript. That didn’t really bother me, because the protagonist, a big-wave surfer named
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All-in All The Time
Eric Hinman is never not moving. The Denver-based angel investor, content creator, entrepreneur, and two-time Kona Ironman is always working—on his fitness, his portfolio, or both, often simultaneously—and he’s all-in, all the time. In that pursuit,
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“WE CLEARED $93,000 IN DEBT in 18 months.”
FIRST STEP: “We decided to commit to paying this off before we did anything else,” Paul says. “Once you know what your priorities are, it becomes pretty easy.” They created a budget—“You can’t stick to a budget if you don’t have a budget,” he says—th