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Count the days

Taking a picture every day for 365 days is challenging, there’s no doubt about it, but the rewards are manifold. From improved technique to new friendships and increased confidence, the habit of daily shooting – and sharing – can have a positive effect on your practical skills and even your personal wellbeing. But sticking to such a self-imposed ‘rule’ is never easy: there will be days when you are ill, others when you lack motivation and time, and some when you just can’t find subject matter that inspires you. Thankfully there are many ways to preempt, and dodge, these stumbling blocks.

We speak to four photographers who have gone the distance and wish to share their wisdom. The projects range from capturing unique angles of a famous landmark every day to taking a daily self-portrait, having multiple themes in one project or if you’re thinking long term, one picture a day for 10 years!

One subject, 365 views

Tunisio’s 365 project: A picture a day of the Barra Lighthouse, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

BUILT in 1698, the Barra Lighthouse in Salvador, Brazil, is the oldest lighthouse in the Americas. Every year thousands of visitors climb the tower via a spiral staircase to admire the bronze lantern and take in the panoramic views from the top. Capturing an unusual photograph of a popular landmark is always tricky, but things get a whole lot harder when you decide to do it every day for a year! ‘I had been photographing major sites in my city and sharing them online for a few years when I decided to focus on the One Lighthouse, 365 Clicks series,’ says Tunisio Alves Filho, who posted the first picture in July 2011. ‘I decided to photograph

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