Amateur Photographer

Skye Meaker

How long have you been taking pictures?

My dad is a keen photographer, so I took my first pictures when I was seven years old, and started to take photography seriously two years later. Early on, photography was simply a hobby, albeit a passionate one, but as I grew older and as my photography improved, I realised that this

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Amateur Photographer3 min read
Final Analysis
There are three ways to photograph something that’s moving. Either we set a short shutter to freeze the action, a long shutter to blur it, or one of those in-between speeds that makes it all look like a thoughtless error. When faced with a moving sub
Amateur Photographer2 min read
How To Take Great Cycling Shots
The key to a good image is invoking a feeling in the viewer. A cyclist has to look at the picture and think: I wish I could ride there/ride like that. A non-cyclist might think ‘how the hell do they do that?' Selecting a great vantage point is crucia
Amateur Photographer1 min read
The Gear You Need
Designed with the sports photographer in mind, the A9 offers a 20fps frame-rate, while maintaining continuous autofocus and blackout-free shooting through the EVF. From £2,649 at MPB. A telephoto zoom gives you great scope to capture cyclists both in