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7 days Viewpoint Jim Mortram

You see it a lot online. In fact, if you're a photographer in 2018, it's almost impossible to avoid it. The tsunami of competitions with promises of career-boosting, career-making awards, of fame, riches and glory. Surely there's a catch?

There's always a catch because there's never ever a substitute for the hard work, dedication and patience that is the

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Amateur Photographer2 min read
Readers’ Favourite Photographs
This year marks 80 years since the outbreak of World War II, so I thought this would be a fitting image to include. It is an incredible picture which captures the epic struggle in the final battle for Berlin and the heroism of the Red Army, as well a
Amateur Photographer2 min read
Viewpoint Nigel Atherton
When J Harris Stone launched the first issue of Amateur Photographer in 1884, he could not have dared to imagine that his little journal, which didn't even carry any pictures, would go on to become the pillar of the British photography media througho
Amateur Photographer3 min read
Final Analysis
I love, and am passionate about photography. It has been my life (44 years and counting) and I am honoured to have been asked to contribute to this magazine on its 135th anniversary, albeit in a very small way. I say I love photography, which is true