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You see it a lot online. In fact, if you're a photographer in 2018, it's almost impossible to avoid it. The tsunami of competitions with promises of career-boosting, career-making awards, of fame, riches and glory. Surely there's a catch?

There's always a catch because there's never ever a substitute for the hard work, dedication and patience that is the

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1 One morning at sunrise Diane waited for the light to hit the top of the buildings. ‘I love water and reflections and really enjoyed this viewpoint,’ she says. Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, 13mm, 1/1250sec at f/9, ISO 250, tripod, polarising filter 2
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When was the club founded? The club was formed in 1947 as a photo and movie club. The council built it a dark room charging a peppercorn rent. The club gained a poor reputation because it was showing risqué films and it had a bar serving beer. (We h
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Film Holder For 35mm And Medium Format
IF YOU'RE keen to digitise a lot of old film images during the lockdown, a new product called the Essential Film Holder (EFH) sounds intriguing. The EFH claims to keep your negatives perfectly flat and parallel to your DSLR sensor, whilst its integra