Amateur Photographer

Final Analysis

Inspiration has countless roots, just like a tree, where each root divides into smaller roots, then rootlets, then hair-fine capillaries. Any of those capillaries – visual, verbal, imaginary – can give rise to a picture. Here we are presented with a whole set of capillaries

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Here at AP, we are always keen to support and promote the many and varied photographic events that take place outside London. Although the capital is the natural home to many galleries and shows, we know that it's not always easy for all our readers
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Tesni is a professional wildlife photographer based on the outskirts of the Peak District. The majority of her work focuses on British wildlife, but she also photographs projects across the world and has aspirations to promote conservation and educat
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Second-hand Kit
What great features on the range, quality, affordability and continuing potential of all sorts of photographic equipment (AP 8 August). With every change of kit I've ever made (from Nikon to Canon to my current Sony collection) I have sold my earlier