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The original portrait was takenfor Vogue in New York City. Penn was renowned for being meticulous about detail, clean lines and shape so we needed to ensure we matched the original as closely as possible. We found a similar looking top for our model from for £5.

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I spent my first few years behind the lens shooting traditional landscape images and was lucky enough to gain recognition in several national photographic competitions. Having found it difficult to always find time to escape to the hills, I diversifi
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Final Analysis
It is very seldom that the two disciplines of a strong story and beautiful composition come together, but when they do the sheer power and beauty of an image can provide almost overwhelming emotion. Witness my all time favourite photograph, Dorothea
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Great Shots Whatever The Weather
‘A lot of iconic images have been taken in the most awful weather… you’ve got to embrace in order it to get the shot other people would never get.’ Wise words indeed from Melvin Nicholson, a successful landscape photographer and course leader who sho