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Amateur Photographer3 min read
Why Colour Is Hard
One of the terms that is bandied about these days is ‘colour science.' In the way it's used, it's somewhat meaningless, but reflects the fact that many people find the details of colour reproduction hard to understand. In the same way that ‘rocket sc
Amateur Photographer1 min read
Shutter Counts When Buying Used
I like to keep improving my work and, from time to time, upgrading my gear, but with limited funds I have to rely on used equipment. Wouldn't it be helpful if all camera makers included a simple shutter count into their products? This way it would ma
Amateur Photographer6 min read
Wild At Art
At the beginning of his career David Yarrow was photographing sports stars and not wildlife. Aged just 20, he shot an iconic image of footballer Diego Maradona holding the FIFA World Cup aloft after Argentina had won the 1986 final against West Germa