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Heirs of the East London Group
The past is apparently a foreign country. This has been almost entirely true in my case: born and brought up in the East End of London before it was embarrassingly fashionable, I've spent almost my entire career working in the developing world. It wa
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It’s Good To Share
Fujifilm X-T3, 55mm, 1/60sec at f/4, ISO 200 This picture was uploaded to to Instagram by Emily Endean, who tagged us using the hashtag #appicoftheweek. Emily tells us, ‘It was 6°C out in the New Forest when I took this image. Buster and I went for
Amateur Photographer2 min read
The Sharpness Playbook: Practical Tips For Success
Decide what you want in focus first. If it's a portrait, perhaps you want just the person in focus. If so, use a longer lens and a wider aperture. However, if the background is important, then make sure that's in focus, too, by either using a wider l