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Canon EOS 5D Mk IV £2,499/$2,799 Classified as a pro-grade SLR, the 5D Mk IV feels a real handful, in a good way. There are direct-access controls for all the creative shooting options you might need in a hurry, and handling feels entirely natural. The flipside is th
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Can I mix white balances together in a single image when I post-process my raws? Lesley Howe Indeed you can, Lesley – and doing so can sometimes really enhance a shot. As you’ll know, when you decide on the white balance to use in-camera, you have a
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Stormy Seas
Rachael is a professional photographer specialising in the coast. She is best known for her critically acclaimed Sirens portfolio, featuring stormy seas named after mythical beings. Rachael owns f11 Workshops, providing photography and printing works