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Shoot The Stars
Producing a masterpiece relies significantly on understanding of location. Try not to think of the landscape complementing the night sky; instead, anticipate how the night sky might complement the landscape. Composition-wise, captivate the viewer by
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Warrior 1
When it comes to summer, the days are long, and sunrise and sunset times are at their most challenging hours of the year. But while for most types of photography, including landscapes, shooting in the middle of the day is off-limits, when it comes to
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Pentax K-1 Mk II £1,799/$1,797 With its rock-solid build, the K-1 Mk II is the heaviest SLR in the group, weighing in at 1,010g. It packs a 36.4MP image sensor that beats the two Canon SLRs on test for megapixel count, and is the only SLR to feature sensor-