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Help me buy an… SD card

Rocket science and brain surgery are reckoned to be the two most complex disciplines imaginable – but we’d like to add choosing an SD memory card to that list. In principle, it should be quite simple. They’re all the same size, so it’s just a case of working out how much capacity you need and

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Making interior shots look exciting isn’t always easy, especially if the architecture is utilitarian. While there’s no denying that beauty can be found in the mundane, with just a little Photoshop prowess you can take control of the overall appearanc
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Canon EOS RP £1,399/$1,299 You’d expect a mirrorless camera to be relatively slim but, in this case, the RP is much smaller than the 6D Mk II and a whole 280g lighter. The downsizing comes with compromises. The relatively small battery only lasts for around 250
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Pentax K-1 Mk II £1,799/$1,797 With its rock-solid build, the K-1 Mk II is the heaviest SLR in the group, weighing in at 1,010g. It packs a 36.4MP image sensor that beats the two Canon SLRs on test for megapixel count, and is the only SLR to feature sensor-