Honorable Mentions

KAYLA SANDERS may have won the cover, but in truth, all our Oxygen Challenge 4 participants are winners. Here are some of our fabulous, notable women whose stories inspired us and made us laugh, cry and celebrate.

Kate Teresi

AGE 40



I did not grow up in a healthy household. My parents were both smokers, and I smoked, too, for many years. I found fitness in my senior year in college, but it was always an all-in or all-out endeavor for me: I would be super hardcore, and then one little slip up and I would be thrown completely off. I had no balance. My goal for this challenge was to come to a place where I could slip up and get right back on track with no hang-ups. I am happy to say that I found that place and I’m not going back.

Now I can finally do pull-ups, and my squat increases every couple of weeks. But I have to say the Facebook community really made this challenge come to life for me. It’s so nice when women can support Yours was the first magazine where I saw somebody on the cover that actually resembled me. I have given up on jeans ever fitting right — I have bigger quads and I love them! — and I have become a healthy role model for my boys as well as an example of a strong, smart woman to my students.

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