History of War


2 December 1851-2 December 1852


Napoleon I’s nephew Prince Louis-Napoléon, the first president of France, launches a coup to stay in office. Soldiers occupy strategic points in Paris, and hundreds of opponents are killed while thousands more

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Kings, Tsars And Field Marshals
During the 17th century, the Swedish Empire had expanded and at its height it included Finland and parts of modern Norway, Germany and the Baltic States. For a relatively small Scandinavian country this was an unprecedented success and it caused rese
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Ah-64d Apache
Produced by Boeing originally for the US Army, the AH-64D ‘Longbow’ was a huge step-up from the A-class Apache gunship, fitted with a distinctive fire-control radar above its four-blade composite main rotor. This allows it longer-range weapons accura
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Danger Close The Battle Of Long Tan
In August 1966, D company of the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, was operating in the Long Tan area in South Vietnam, when it encountered Viet Cong forces. What was first believed to be a small platoon turned out to be an entire regiment, p