Spartan Queens

of furniture in the apartment Julian von der Schulenburg shares with his wife, Min, and their year-old daughter, Miru: bed, dining table with benches, console,

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All the Essentials
In the conventional reading of the Los Angeles landscape, there’s the beach, there’s the hills, and there’s the flatlands: three of the city’s four “ecologies,” as the critic Reyner Banham famously called them—each with its own brand of domestic arch
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Friends and Family
It’s a sunny late-summer evening in eastern British Columbia, and Cori Creed and her husband, Craig Cameron, are getting ready to host a dinner at their house in the Okanagan Valley. Cori, an artist, is in the kitchen preparing a galette topped with
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Breathe Easy
The air in our homes is killing us. The World Health Organization calls household air pollution the “largest single environmental health risk” in the world today, causing the death of nearly 4 million people around the globe every year. “The health e