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Curtain Call
Homeowners Sunil and Shalizeh “Shelly” Patel weren’t totally sure how to select shades and draperies for their Houston remodel, completed by StudioMET Architects. A visit to The Shade Store eventually helped the couple identify unexpected options in
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One Last Thing
My husband and I went to Japan three years ago with some friends‚ including Michiko Sakano‚ a glassblower I’ve worked with for about 15 years. She took us to her hometown of Kanazawa‚ an area known for its traditional crafts. While we were there‚ we
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The Dwell 24
OAKVILLE‚ ONTARIO | @SAMSON_FURNITURE Trained as an engineer in aircraft repair‚ Canadian furniture designer Samson Wang‚ 30‚ brings his knowledge of physics to dynamic pieces. His sense of movement is most prominent in Rhythmic Serenity‚ a lounge ch