Apple products are life changing. I buy Apple products because I need them but also because I love them. Other brands can make similar devices to Apple but there is something special about the way Apple does its thing; you don’t need instructions, it is intuitive. Every year the products are that bit better, so of course you want them. I resisted buying the Apple Watch when

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6 Years That Created Apple
The Apple Computer 1, hand–built by Steve Wozniak, goes on sale at the Byte Shop, Mountain View, CA, for $666.66. Twelve days after founding the company with Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne sells back his shares, becoming officially the rubbishe
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Samsung 2019 65in Q900R
$4999 From Samsung, Features 7,680 x 4,320 QLED screen, Quantum Processor 8K picture engine, AI upscaling, Ambient mode, HDR/HDR10/HLG, Airplay 2 connectivity This is an absolute extravagance of a TV: there’s essentially no 8K content out
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Crave $399 >>> DJI’s advanced drone smarts become a lot more accessible with this new super–small quadcopter — its diminutive size means in many countries it doesn’t require a drone license. But it still packs in a 12–megapixel camera that records