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LFOS: There are six LFOs in total. The first three can be tweaked here, the others are found within the menus.

ANALOGUE FILTERS: Dual low-pass filters with 12 and 24dB/oct slope.

DIGITAL FORMER: This versatile DSP block provides drive, gain, comb filters and a comprehensive range of digital filters from Waldorf’s own PPG Wave, Nave and Largo.

OSCILLATORS: Three oscillators per voice can be chosen from four distinct oscillator types: Wavetable, Waveform, Particle and Resonator.

KOMPLEX MODULATOR: A pair of summed curves provides a versatile modulation source for evolving soundscapes.

ENVELOPE SECTION: In total, six ADSR envelopes are are available with the first three having front panel controls.

In recent years, it appears hardware synth manufacturers have lost their way. While many have returned to building pure-analogue synths, others are chasing the zeitgeist of DSP emulation based on their ‘greatest hits’ of the past. As much as I love excellent sounding subtractive analogue synths (and emulations), the sound palette is a well-worn shoe. Meanwhile, in the DAW world, soft synths really push the boat out in terms of innovation and sonic variety. While Serum, Omnisphere, Absynth, Razor, and Massive are highly regarded in this sphere, they still do not offer the tactile experience of interacting with a real instrument. Simultaneously, we’ve also witnessed a stampede toward modular synth hardware — proof that musicians are seeking exotic synthesis with the tactility of hardware.

The Waldorf Quantum, straddles all three worlds, and is perhaps poised to shake things up!


Quantum is a bi-timbral, eight-voice hybrid digital/ analogue synth powered by a quad-core ARM processor. It

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