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W. Earl Brown
The Kentucky native, 57, realized a dream journeying to the galaxy far, far away to play a Weequay barkeep. Bonus: a reunion with Deadwood pal Timothy Olyphant. “I didn’t know about Baby Yoda, because I started work the day before the show started st
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Taking a Stand
A DEVASTATING PANDEMIC. A DIVIDED America. Two sides facing off. One group’s leader is older, measured, and calm. The other is charismatic, punishes disloyalty, and slaps his brand on every monument in sight. Stephen King wrote his bestselling postap
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The Most Millennial Books of 2020
BY RAVEN LEILANI The must-’gram galley of the spring became the must-read title of the summer among millennials, thanks to an eye-catching cover, a compulsively readable plot—about a struggling book-publishing assistant—and the narrator’s darkly funn