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Festival of kites and good food: Make Uttarayan happier with our delicious recipes!

The iconic dishes of Uttarayan show the energy, verve and richly composite culture of Gujarat.

One of the biggest festivals in Gujarat is Uttarayan — the kite flying festival — which falls on January 14.

This is one festival which is celebrated with a lot of fervour and enthusiasm by all communities — Hindus, Muslims, Christians and smaller groups such as Parsis, Jews and non-Gujaratis too.

kites flying high, spirits soaring higher: uuttarayan is one of the biggest festivals in gujarat.  Kites flying high, spirits soaring higher: Uttarayan is one of the biggest festivals in Gujarat. (Photo: PTI)

The day of Uttarayan sees everyone up on their terraces, flying kites, assisting fliers by holding the spindle, or just shouting and cheering. A special cheer goes up every time someone from your group cuts the kite of another group. 

You will see boys and girls of all ages, parents, uncles, aunts, even grandparents on the terraces, celebrating this festival with music and lots of food.

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