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From 'bhoot' to 'chudail', Bollywood's 'spirited' tryst with the supernatural!

We're exploring the labyrinth of Bollywood ghost stories, one creaking door at a time!

A TV channel is gearing up to broadcast four of Ruskin Bond’s ghost stories under the title Parchayee: Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond. This will include The Ghost in the Garden, The Wind on Haunted Hill, Wilson’s Bridge and The Overcoat. Bond himself is easily one of the most prolific writers we have, with great acceptance across a varied demographic. Bond’s love for the mountains is apparent from his stories, the mountains, with their foggy, shaded, somewhat mysterious, beautifully dark, brooding manner, serving as the perfect backdrop for his ghostly tales. Dramatisation promises to bring out the phantoms lurking in the shadows so deftly captured by Bond.

Movies on the supernatural have always done well both in Bollywood and Hollywood.

As a Bengali, I loved the motley group of ghosts in the horror-comedy, (2012), loosely translated as directed by Anik Dutta. The plot, the characterisation, the issues came together to create what can only be described as one of the most

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