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Tune Up Your Knees
Sets 2-3 (parts 1 through 4 on each leg is a set) Reps 10 (each leg); complete 10 of each exercise on the left leg without stopping. Then do the right leg. That's one set. Rest 0 to 90 seconds between sets (decrease as you gain strength) Strengthen t
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OUR TAKE Most ski packs of this volume are one-size-fits-all, but the new Stash offers 3 inches of torso length adjustment. “My partner’s torso is several inches longer than mine, but when we loaded up 35 pounds of video and photo gear and traded off
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My Favorite Season
CARIBOU LAKE, A STUNNER in California’s Trinity Alps, sits in a granite bowl with a steep cirque on one side and smooth slabs on the other. A few bed-flat pieces of granite invite you to lay out a sleeping bag and stay up half the night watching the