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Youth Movement
YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD of “nature deficit disorder”—the idea that kids these days are deprived of time outdoors. It’s easy to read the headlines and think teenagers do nothing but sit inside with their screens. It’s a real concern, of course, and we’v
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Repair vs. Retire
As long as the outsole hasn’t completely peeled away from the boot, a little Shoe Goo will seal it right back up. Small leaks can be remedied with leather wax or waterproofing treatment, but blown seams and large tears mean it’s time for an upgrade.
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Plant Power
Who says backpacking food has to be bland? Serves 2 ½cup diced onion½ cup shredded carrot½ cup chopped mushroom2 vegetable bouillon cubes2 tsp. curry powder4 Tbsp. coconut milk powder¼ tsp. garlic powder½ tsp. crushed red pepper½ tsp. sugar¼ tsp. sal