MSR AutoFlow XL

$100; 12 oz.; 1,500-liter life span*;

OUR TAKE If you need a filter that can handle a lot of people and a lot of abuse, this is it. The AutoFlow XL pairs a hollow-fiber, 0.2-micron filter with a 10-liter reservoir, the largest in the test. It’s built for the long haul, too, with welded seams and a 1,000-denier reinforcement on the bottom. The flat bottom enables you to set the AutoFlow XL upright to filter when hanging isn’t an option. Nice design touch: The hose attachment sits a bit higher than usual, so it’s less likely to clog with particulate from the bottom of the bag. (Flip side: It’s tough to get the last half-liter out without squeezing.)The AutoFlow XL filtered 1 liter of water in 2 minutes,** though it slowed to about 3 minutes per liter when almost empty.

“The reservoir mouth is extra wide and easy to fill, even in places like shallow desert streams,” notes our tester. “All I had to do

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