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When was the club founded?

In 1892, when our President was the 7th Duke of Newcastle. At first it was deemed ladies shouldn't be allowed. There followed a split and one half formed a club allowing ladies, which became more successful. The men soon saw sense and the society reformed. It's evolved through a few name changes continuously since then, apart from a two-year break

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The Bigger Picture
The tolerant, welcoming, vibrant culture of the city of Brighton and Hove makes it a great place to live. One of its flaws, however, is its lack of decent employment. Vast swathes of the working population board commuter trains to London each morning
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Kit List
Rotolight’s smallest and most portable light, the NEO 2 is more than big enough to meet a close-up photographer’s demands. It can be mounted both on or off camera, and you can easily adjust the output and colour temperature of the light. This handy