Google Pixel Slate


Screen 12.3-inch 3000x2000 LCD Processor Intel Core i5 Memory 8GB Storage 128GB Operating system ChromeOS Cameras 8MP front-facing wide-angle, 8MP rear Dimensions 291x202x7mm Weight 731g

From £549 store.google.com

The Pixel Slate makes us feel all existential. What is this? Who is it for? It’s not a tool to revive the messy Android tablet market – it supports Android apps, but it’s a ChromeOS device, running an upgraded but very similar operating system to the Pixelbook which came before it, and toting Intel hardware inside. It’s not, at least as a whole, a hardware showcase – its screen is spectacular, and it carries a premium feel, but a glance at the internal specs raises eyebrows when they’re compared to the asking price at each level.

Surface gloss

What it is, or at least what it appears to be, is Google’s stab at joining the market niche that Microsoft has been busydedicated tablet or a full-blown PC. And Google really has got a lot of things right – but there’s just a lot lacking, too.

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