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Millionaires In The Making

While YouTube and OTT players jostle for dominance in the video segment in India, it is the creators who are making merry.

Ajey Nagar of CarryMinati fame and his manager Anirudh Nagpal form an interesting pair. While 19 year old Nagar comes across as a nerdy artist who doesn't mince his words, 21 year old Nagpal tries to keep Nagar in check. Nagar is the talent and Nagpal heads the channel's business. Together they have gone places, met stars (Tom Cruise and "Superman" Henry Cavill), and watched National Basketball Association (NBA) matches from the coveted corner seats. All courtesy of their YouTube channel, which has over five million subscribers and is one of the most subscribed and watched channel on the platform in India.

We meet the pair in Nagar's home in Faridabad, where he and his team use a side wing of the house to produce his popular comedy videos and sketches. The production room has a Batman Dark Knight book shelf and production equipment and one side is covered with wooden planks with CarryMinati's signature (often seen in the backdrop of his videos) and framed YouTube Silver and Gold Buttons. The buttons are given by Google when a channel hits 100,000 and 1 million subscriptions, respectively.

Popularly known as Carry, Nagar has been trying his hands at YouTube as a video blogger since he was quite young but finally hit the jackpot with his present channel when he was 16. His

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