With human drugs, a Silicon Valley startup hopes to deliver precision medicine to dogs

With human drugs, a Silicon Valley startup hopes to deliver precision medicine to dogs.
Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

SAN FRANCISCO — When pet dogs are diagnosed with cancer, they typically get surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation — that is, of course, if their owner opts to treat it.

Now, a Silicon Valley startup wants to offer precision medicine instead — by recommending targeted therapies that are normally used to treat humans. For a price tag in the low four figures, depending on the veterinary clinic, the One Health Company will sequence a dog’s tumor and generate a report with recommendations.

The pitch is attracting some high-profile interest here in the Bay Area, where it’s not unusual for dog owners to spend tens of thousands of dollars to try to keep their beloved pet alive. The company that it had raised $5 million in seed funding from top Silicon Valley investors, including the and the startup accelerator .

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