History of War


During World War II, British forces suffered grievous losses at the hands of superior German armoured fighting vehicles. German tanks typically outgunned Allied types, their armour protection was superb and they were capable of destroying Allied tanks from distances beyond the range of most British and American armament. In 1943, the War Ministry issued specifications for a British tank that could take on German armour and win. The result was the Centurion. However, the new model reached continental Europe days after

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Hill 262
Identifying the value of high ground to provide a strong defensive position, Maczek directs the 1st Armoured Regiment towards Hill 262 on the Mount Ormel ridge north-east of Chambois. The Poles' arrival on 19 August cuts through the Germans’ one rema
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Battle Famous : Solferino
For one of the final times in history, ruling monarchs faced one another on the battlefield, with Emperor Napoleon III of France and King Victor Emmanuel II of Piedmont-Sardinia opposing Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria at Solferino on 24 June 1859.
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Wwi Gas Rattle
During WWI, poisonous gases were released silently from cylinders or quietly discharged from exploding gas artillery shells. To counter this new and sinister threat, various devices were used to warn soldiers such of a chemical attack. Low maintenanc