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Welcome to the New Britain, Where Every Week Is Hell

Another week brings another political crisis as the time to reach a Brexit deal runs out.
Source: Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty

LONDON—Theresa May is clinging on as prime minister, her Brexit withdrawal agreement is floundering, and the European Union is showing no signs of budging. Yup, it’s Crunch Week in Brexit Britain.

But then again, when isn’t it? It was “” when British and EU negotiators raced to sign off on a deal late last year, it was “” when lawmakers in London rebelled against it, and” when May finally presented the agreement to Parliament earlier this month. Oh, and then there was “,” “,” and “.” British media have taken to regularly describing the state of the country’s politics as being in “,” “,” and “.” (It is not ideal that the prime minister’s name lends itself so well to the puns the British tabloids are so fond of.)

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