What Millionaire Investors Should Do in 2019

Just as I warned at the end of 2005 in my book that the real estate bubble was soon to burst with a recession following, all that I have been warning about in the last year in my new book and on Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance,,, my Blog and other websites has been coming true as well.

It's now the dawn of 2019, and I want to remind you of my recent warnings:

  1. I warned that rising interest rates are typically the pin that bursts debt-fueled bubbles like we're in now. I'm calling the bubble we're in now the "Central Bankers Bubble."
  2. I warned that having the majority of S&P 500 stock market gains coming primarily from the 5 FAANG stocks [Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (Alphabet)] and Microsoft is a recipe for disaster because many investors exiting that sector at the same time would be a bloodbath (i.e., Apple's 35% drop in the last two and a half months of 2018).
  3. I that the trade war with China is not a

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