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The Way to Your Heart

any of us take our heart health for granted until something happens. I recently met a man who ended up in the ER with crushing chest pain after pushing his wife uphill

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Better Nutrition1 min read
Happy Hearts
It’s February, which means it’s time to celebrate chocolate—and your heart! Did you know that cacao beans have almost twice the antioxidants of red wine and up to three times the amount found in green tea? The same beans that create an almost heavenl
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Omega-3 Fat Facts
In the fury over fats, we can all agree on one thing: omega-3 fatty acids have potent health benefits. Dozens of studies suggest that omega-3s can protect against cardiovascular disease, inflammation, arthritis, cognitive decline, mood disorders, and
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Vitamin D: How Much Is Enough?
Vitamin D—also known as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies naturally produce it after exposure to the sun—is essential for calcium absorption, strong bones, and other aspects of health. Observational studies have found that adequate levels of vi