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Master Image/video–editing
AFTER SHOOTING A photo or capturing a clip, you may need to tweak its color, tone, and composition to improve it. Fortunately, iOS 13’s Photos app boasts a powerful digital darkroom to counteract common problems. It can also process footage using the
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What The Heck?
IN JANUARY, IT was reported that Jeff Bezos — CEO of Amazon and, more relevantly, proprietor of The Washington Post — had had data leaked from his phone by malware installed when he received a video from Mohammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi
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Podcasts On Your Mac
REQUIRES A Mac, Apple Podcasts app YOU WILL LEARN How to find, subscribe to and manage podcasts in Apple’s Podcasts app IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes APPLE HAS LONG used iTunes as a catch–all hub for podcasts, music, movies and more. But in macOS Catalina,