Life in the slow lane

The double carport garage is a common status symbol in the suburbs. For many generations, the image of the family home with the spacious carport attached for all the kids’ bikes and camping gear, and the two cars, was what dreams were made of. And yet, in reality, the variety of equipment stacked inside was rarely used. It sat there, gathering dust and cobwebs, families too busy working to pay it off to really enjoy it.

It was known as “keeping up with the Joneses” and it was the definition of success.

Brooke McAlary believed in it. As a small business owner, wife and soon-to-be mum of two, she believed she had followed the rules and was doing what she should. She had the house and the garage full of “stuff”, so surely that meant she’d made it?

It took a breakdown, including severe postnatal depression, to realise the truth about that dream. And after a slow recovery in which she questioned all her former beliefs about “success”, McAlary is now connecting with millions around the globe who are also asking the question: Is keeping up with the Joneses really worth it?

The promise of happiness

There is an unspoken formula that we are all meant to follow: get a

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