Yoga to unlock your creativity

For two decades I have moved in my favourite two realms: yoga and creativity. As a writer and performer, I’m a creative soul. As a yoga student and teacher, the path of yoga practice has been my life. I often get asked when I am going to choose one or the other and my answer is a resounding “never!” I believe the two are inextricably linked and that yoga can crack open your creativity, taking you into a flow state, which is crucial to the creative process.

The elusive flow state is a buzzword of late. We’ve seen the increasing popularity of “flow” asana classes: books are being written about it, scholars are unpacking it and psychologists are advocating it. Apparently it’s the way forward and everyone wants to know how on earth to get there.

The flow state is that feeling of “being in the zone”. It’s when you’re completely immersed in “doing” to the point where you are just “being”; when you’re so engaged in the activity that everything else kind of disappears. Does this sound familiar to any yogis reading? It should. It’s reminiscent of the experience that Master Patanjali — when the seer and the object merge into oneness — or deep (meditation) and (bliss). And moving towards this state is fundamental if you are interested in creativity.

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