Australian Natural Therapists Association

hroughout our 60 years in business we have seen many changes challenging the dynamic of the natural therapies industry. Our adherence to higher educational standards has allowed our members to feel a sense of security that their position is not going to be withdrawn or undermined by future challenges in the

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The Healing Power Of The Ocean
We stare across its horizons endlessly, exercise by its shores and flock there for holidays. With 50 per cent of the world’s population living by the ocean, what is it about the sea that relaxes and entrances us? People haven’t always flocked to the
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Yoga For Travellers
Getting out of your comfort zone, delayed flights, jet lag and communication barriers can leave you feeling a bit worse for wear. One of the joys of travelling is that it is unpredictable, with things often occurring that are out of your control. But
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Star Letter!
Oh, my goodness! I found the article “When Should’s Not Good” in an older edition of WellBeing and read it once then re-read it again. It really hit home. I am the Queen of the “What I deserve” mantra and I’m struggling in my life lately; I question