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Of course there are a multitude of accessories for the Bobber to enable owners to customise it to their tastes, and with more than 120 items but here's a quick rundown.

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Australian Road Rider1 min read
Long-stroke Motor
Piston engines create power by burning a compressed mixture of fuel and air. This creates the energy which pushes the piston down. The piston is connected to the crankshaft via a connecting rod and these mechanical parts turn the up and down motion o
Australian Road Rider4 min read
Seddo And The Cafe…
My descent into the world of riding slow motorcycles in the middle of winter continues this issue with two weeks aboard the Kawasaki W800 Cafe. My new thermals are doing an admirable job of keeping the cold out, thanks for asking, aided by an early I
Australian Road Rider5 min read
The Most Iconic Sportsbike
Ducati shocked the world when it introduced the water-cooled, 8-valve sports/racing machine it simply called the 851 in the mid’80s. Then the Italians seduced us all when the svelte, sexy and seductive 916 was introduced in 1994. Although the 851 and