Perennials, defined as non-woody plants which last three years or more, come in many forms. Herbaceous perennials tend to be flowering types that die back in winter when they become dormant, only to re-shoot

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Colour me PURPLE
The name eggplant seems something of a misnomer when you look at this large, glossy, purple-skinned vegetable. That’s because the eggplants we favour today are different from those grown centuries ago when the name was coined. Early cultivars that we
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Mower Maintenance — Tips And Tricks
For most of us, lawnmower maintenance needs to be done by a local lawnmower mechanic, like oil changes and tuneups, but you’ll find the rest is pretty easy to do yourself at home. Every time you mow the lawn, you need to make sure you’re putting away
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Garden To Table
Homegrown produce has so much to offer — greater flavour and freshness, the chance to eat veggies grown without chemicals (if you choose to go organic), and the opportunity to get in touch with the rhythms of nature and feel a connection to the earth