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PART 4: Recovery tracks
Recovery tracks have a long history. In fact they probably go back as far as the advent of wheeled vehicles, in one form or another. Early explorers in the Namib resorted to wooden planks and plane tyres to get their thin-wheeled trucks through the s
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you are just stopping on , or setting up camp for a week, the Ironman 4x4 Instant Awning will provide you with much-needed shade from the sun, or protection from rain. The Instant Awning attaches to your roof rack, and sets up in minutes. Simply unzi
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Day To Day
Cape Town to Springbok Caravan Park Distance: 561km This took us all day thanks to getting a late start, due to booking a slot at Safari Centre to get our new rack and rooftop tent fitted. We only got on the road at around midday. The drive to Spring