Coined in 1854, the term ‘Ethology’ refers to the study of the way in which an animal’s habits (its behaviour) are related to its structure and habitat. It is important to note that there is no such thing as typical behaviour, because the typical animal is a mythical beast! However, patterns can be observed, hypotheses devised and tested, and a working interpretation of what an animal is doing obtained. This data can then be extrapolated, to create

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Urine, Or Out?
If there is one subject which sparks more heated debate than any other in the survival world, it is, “Should I drink my own urine in a survival situation?” Before I give my views on that question, let’s look at what urine is. Many people believe that
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Why Weight Is The Enemy
Guys like to be kitted. There’s even a sense that if you have more stuff than the folk in the campsite next-door, that you’re a better, more organised person. That smug sense will be wiped clean away when it comes to the reality of driving your 4x4 l
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For those going off grid that need a manoeuvrable yet still heavy-duty single axle off-road caravan, the two-berth Karenga ticks a lot of boxes. Made by established manufacturer Summit, The Karenga features a galvanised steel chassis and durable stee