Packing woes and long-distance tips

We’ve all been there, looking at piles of ‘vital’ items and realising that they’ll never all fit in at the same time. Perhaps you’ve even had massive, heated arguments with your spouse because of their inability to compute the difference between the space available and what they insist must fit in.

Or perhaps it is you who is the gadget freak, and who can’t leave without two of everything in case one of them breaks on the road.

On our recent trip to Malawi (elsewhere in this issue)

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The Old Vs The New
When it comes to comparing the new versus the old Jimny (which we used for many years at the Samurai Driving Academy), the first noticeable difference is the size. When parked nose to nose with the older one, the new Jimny has a load of ‘presence’. I
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PART 4: Recovery tracks
Recovery tracks have a long history. In fact they probably go back as far as the advent of wheeled vehicles, in one form or another. Early explorers in the Namib resorted to wooden planks and plane tyres to get their thin-wheeled trucks through the s
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Ed’s Letter
Here we are then, launching into the year of clear vision: 2020. Because it’s the right spirit in which to start a new year, full of hope and energy for the upcoming 12 months, and with a determination to bring positives like the Rugby World Cup win