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Tidy trailer

rap dirt before it gets tracked all over your clean caravan with this Fiamma Clean Step. The durable plastic mat can be fastened to both electric and manual steps with the included springs, giving you somewhere to

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Caravan and Outdoor Life3 min read
Around The Campfire
Okay, maybe Spain is a geographic exaggeration. On a recent trip with my family, it was bucketing down at the campsite, yet the weather was still warm and a bit humid. My wife and I sat under the awning of our caravan with the rain beating down while
Caravan and Outdoor Life3 min read
Crises on Gough Island
The team on Gough are awoken by the sounds of birds calling – trumpeting calls of Rockhopper penguins, the screaming cries of sooty albatrosses on the cliffs, and the staccato clamour of the skuas. Close by, the sharp "keh-keh" of the Gough moorhens
Caravan and Outdoor Life3 min read
News And Views
South Africa’s premier caravan show, the 2020 Caravan Show, takes place from 21-23 February at Gallagher Estate – Midrand, Gauteng. In association with Pretoria FM and Caravan and Outdoor Life magazine, the show highlights the latest in caravans, mot