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The curious name of olive herb reflects the slightly olive-like smell and taste of this plant. The botanists, however, were commenting not on the fragrance, but the appearance of the narrow leaves when the species was named, which means this plant — or at least its leaves — looked like rosemary to the botanist who named it. To me, the narrow, finely toothed leaves look more like a green form of French lavender.

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Cooking whole beetroot over a hot fire crisps and darkens the skins while sweetening and softening the flesh. It works best with new-season beetroot, about golfball size — just give them a quick scrub and chuck them on the grill, leaves and all. They
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Time To Plant
Amaranth, artichokes, Asian greens, asparagus, beans, beetroot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chicory, chilli, cucumber, eggplant, endive, fennel, horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, kohlra
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Like most environmentally aware humans, you probably veto plastic shopping bags, minimise plastic food packaging and opt for recyclable drink containers. Despite a global shift in eco-consciousness, the planet is choking on excess plastic and it’s ki