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Things to do in JANUARY



Fruit fly becomes more active as summer progresses and crops ripen. Use organic fruit fly baits and traps or cover individual fruit with exclusion bags. Clean up fallen fruit. As fruit fly is spreading to fruit-fly-free areas, watch for signs of attack in all areas. Use fruitfly traps to monitor for their presence.

Set up systems to manage heat stress so plants can grow for longer and remain healthy. A temporary shade screen prevents sun damage and reduces the effects of hot, dry winds. On heatwave

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Basil, beans (dwarf), beetroot, burdock, cabbage, carrot, celeriac, celery, chives, collards, French tarragon, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, marrow, mustard greens, oregano, parsley, radish, salsify, shallots (eschalots), silverbeet, squash, sweet corn, t
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Summer is a time of bounty but there can be seasonal complications from heat, pests and lack of water. Tomatoes may stop flowering when temperatures rise. They also need to be well watered to avoid blossom end rot in the fruit, a calcium deficiency t
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Kylie Treble’s block sits on a hill just over 5km inland from Port Campbell, a small town in southwest Victoria on the Great Ocean Road. It’s something of a microclimate, with high rainfall in winter, salty winds in spring and a dry summer. Frosts ar