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10 Green Fingers
Reclining on the bed in the master suite of Le Grand Jardin villa in Stellenbosch might just be the closest one can come to being completely immersed in French Post-Impressionist Henri Rousseau’s 1910 fantastical-naïve jungle painting, The Dream. Mor
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Dream Small
I UDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE’S FAMOUS DICTUM, "LESS IS MORE" refers to the removal of inessential material from architectural artefacts and details – but we could read it more literally. Should we do so, one important way in which less can be more has t
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Ship Shape
ASTRIKING NEW VESSEL has steamed into view and dropped anchor among the venerable advocates’ chambers that line Cape Town’s Keerom Street. Home to 43 small apartments, four mini-penthouse suites, and sporting a striking white visage, Tuynhuys makes a