ART fairs, even though they are indeed as the name suggests places where one can drop a considerable amount of money on art, are not merely for the well-heeled. Nor are they just affairs for the art cognoscenti to gather and wax on. As art has become a bigger and bigger business, so the events have become recreational occasions. Out of the 60 000+ people who visit Frieze London, one of the biggest art fairs in the world, it is estimated that more than 80% are there to view the art

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Green Piece
Admired for their re-imagining of Scandinavian folk spindle furniture, Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson of Houtlander were awarded the 100% Design South Africa 2019’s “Best Furniture Design” for their otherworldly piece, Preservation Bench. Pushi
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DID YOU ALWAYS KNOW DESIGN WAS IN YOUR FUTURE? MV I’d always dreamt of pursuing a creative career and 10 years ago I made the leap of faith to quit my job as a metallurgist [metal engineer] to study interior design. The ability to connect people th
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By Candlelight
Taking a bedtime bath by candlelight is a relaxing, romantic treat, but scrubbing melted wax off surfaces the next morning is no fun. A candle in a screw-top glass jar offers light on demand and the benefit of lid to store it when the water’s cold. n